Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing services aim to eliminate or minimise tax risks associated with transactions carried out between related parties.

STERRN Law Firm specialises in preparing transfer pricing documentation, conducting benchmark analyses, preparing compliance analyses containing a description of the transaction terms and compliance with market conditions, assessing tax risks related to transactions carried out between related parties, establishing transfer pricing policies, and other aspects of transactions between related parties.

Transfer Pricing Documentation

Preparing transfer pricing documentation for transactions between related parties is a legal obligation. Our offer includes the preparation of transfer pricing documentation that meets tax requirements and ensures the tax safety of transactions.

Our services also include verification of transfer pricing documentation prepared by you and ongoing support during the documentation preparation process.

Benchmark Analysis

Benchmark analysis presents comparable data on entities operating in a similar area to the analysed entity or data on comparable transactions carried out in the market between unrelated parties.

Benchmark analysis includes the so-called benchmark, which compares the financial results achieved by related parties with the results achieved by entities operating in the free market in comparable transactions.

Comparative data analysis can be used to determine the terms of controlled transactions or to confirm that already completed transactions comply with market price conditions. Proper determination of market prices minimises the risk of tax administration allegations.

Transfer Pricing Audit

Transfer pricing audit aims to identify all tax risks in the area of transactions between related parties. The audit can be conducted comprehensively or in selected areas, including:

  • identification of related parties,
  • identification of transactions subject to the obligation to develop transfer pricing documentation,
  • verification and assessment of transfer pricing documentation.

Preparation of Transfer Pricing Policy

The service involves developing pricing rules for transactions with related parties to ensure the transaction is conducted on market terms.

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