Comprehensive legal assistance in court proceedings before courts, tribunals, and public administration bodies.

Our law firm’s team of lawyers is able to provide clients with legal assistance at every stage of court proceedings. Our offer also includes legal representation at the pre-trial stage, as well as in enforcement proceedings. In addition, our team provides legal assistance before courts of all instances, including administrative courts, tribunals and before administrative bodies.

Our actions focus on finding the most optimal solution for our client and conducting the proceedings in such a way as to achieve the intended goal. The added value presented by our lawyers is not only the substantive knowledge and experience but also a pragmatic business approach to the proceedings conducted on behalf of our clients.

Obtaining the desired resolution in proceedings requires not only the preparation of an appropriate procedural strategy but also specialist knowledge in a given area of law, which we provide through close cooperation between specialists from different areas of law and practitioners from various industries.

Litigation – Legal opinions

Our firm’s services include conducting the necessary analysis and evaluation of court cases. We verify and assess the merits of initiating a lawsuit and filing appeals – if the Client is the defendant. We present our Clients with the risks associated with a particular court dispute and prepare a procedural strategy as well as solutions aimed at reaching an agreement between the parties to the court dispute. In our analyses, we not only focus on legal issues but also take into account the business aspects of conducting and concluding the dispute.

Regulatory litigation

Our legal advice also includes administrative proceedings concerning granting concessions, licenses and permits. Our legal team has experience conducting court proceedings before administrative courts throughout the country. Our lawyers have successfully represented clients before many offices, including the Railway Transport Office, the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector, the Public Procurement Office, the Patent Office, the building supervision authorities and the environmental protection authorities.

Criminal Tax Law

The team of lawyers at the Sterrn Law Firm also specialises in criminal and tax proceedings. Thanks to the fact that our team is made up of lawyers, legal advisors and tax advisors, we are able to approach the case presented to us by the Client in an interdisciplinary manner. We have experience in conducting proceedings regarding, among other things, white-collar crimes, including corruption and actions to the detriment of the company. Our law firm’s lawyers also specialise in criminal and tax proceedings, such as VAT fraud or VAT carousels and money laundering.

Legal proceedings in the field of intellectual property, personal image protection and combating unfair competition

We handle proceedings in disputes in the field of combating unfair competition, including product imitation, trademarks and packaging, as well as unfair advertising. Our experience includes proceedings in copyright protection, trademarks and industrial designs, and patent infringements, including pharmaceutical patents. We also handle disputes concerning internet domains. In addition, our team of lawyers has extensive experience in handling cases related to the protection of image and reputation, in particular of economic entities and natural persons.

Corporate Litigation Disputes

Our lawyers have experience in corporate disputes, including court proceedings on challenging resolutions adopted at general meetings, dissolution of companies, exclusion of partners from companies, disputes concerning the liability of board members, and agreements between partners/shareholders. Our actions focus on the analysis of the case and the preparation of a long-term action strategy aimed at achieving the previously agreed goal with the Client.

Legal disputes concerning labour law and managerial contracts

Our law firm has experience in comprehensive labour law dispute resolution, including managerial contracts. We serve our Clients in individual and collective proceedings. Our lawyers have represented clients before courts in all instances.

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