Debt Collection 

While providing legal and tax consultancy services, we often meet with unreliable contractors who avoid paying debts to our clients. Such actions contribute to a temporary imbalance in financial liquidity and may lead to the company’s bankruptcy in the worst case. To prevent this, it is necessary to take appropriate debt collection measures. A quick start of the debt recovery process will not only avoid financial problems for the business but, above all, may contribute to the satisfaction of the claim, which at a later stage, in the event of disclosure of other creditors, may be impossible.

Sterrn Law Firm provides services in the field of debt collection at any stage:

Pre-litigation, which includes i.a.:

  • Establishing an action strategy at a given stage;
  • Conducting negotiations with the debtor;
  • Preparation and conclusion of an agreement/settlement with the debtor on behalf of the client;
  • Securing claims by establishing mortgages, registered pledges, sureties, and concluding contracts with debtors in the field of assignment of
  • receivables, transfer of ownership for security, etc.

Court proceedings, which include, i.a:

  • Establishing an action strategy at a given stage;
  • Preparation of lawsuits and representation in these proceedings;
  • Preparation of applications for an interim injunction to secure the assets;
  • Representation in cases regarding recognition of legal action as ineffective (the so-called actio pauliana);

Enforcement proceedings, which include, i.a:

  • Preparation of an enforcement application and representation in enforcement proceedings;
  • Undertaking proceedings aimed at searching for the debtor’s assets;
  • Comprehensive representation in cases related to anti-enforcement proceedings;
  • Preparation of a complaint against the actions of a bailiff.

Support for internal debt collection departments

In addition, we support our clients in building internal debt recovery departments in their organisations. Our support includes the preparation of internal operating procedures, preparation of document templates allowing for debt recovery proceedings and supervision of the internal debt recovery departments.

Our actions to recover the debt from an unreliable contractor are fast-paced. However, in combination with our experience and substantive knowledge, we are able to offer each client appropriate debt recovery solutions tailored to the actual state of a given case.

Our services are primarily focused on obtaining the most comprehensive freezing injunction that will guarantee the satisfaction of the claim after winning the court proceedings or contribute to the conclusion of a repayment agreement with the debtor. We strive to ensure that the funds are in the client’s account as soon as possible. Therefore we do not refer each case to court proceedings immediately (generating additional costs on the part of the client and a more extended period of waiting for repayment due to the number of cases considered by courts) trying to contact A debtor and pre-litigate debt repayment while securing the client’s interests to the greatest possible extent.

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