Tax Law Monitoring Service

Tax Law Monitoring Service is a service in which our team of Tax Advisors and Lawyers is at the client’s disposal and monitors agreed-upon legal-tax areas of significant importance for the given enterprise. Our team solves legal and tax issues that arise in connection with your economic activity through telephone and e-mail consultations, analyses, and written opinions – according to your needs and expectations. Prepared opinions and legal-tax responses are authorised by a Tax Advisor or an Attorney/Lawyer.

We provide a wide range of services as part of our Tax Law Monitoring Service, including in particular:

  • Monitoring of agreed tax and legal areas, which are of significant importance to your business activities,
  • drafting opinions on tax events,
  • opinions on contracts from a legal and tax perspective,
  • analysis of tax consequences of future events implemented by the client or with his participation,
  • optimisation of contract content in terms of tax consequences and optimisation of criminal, criminal-financial and civil liability risks,
  • providing telephone, e-mail and on-site consultations on tax law,
  • preparing applications for the issuance of individual interpretations of tax law,
  • ongoing representation before tax and judicial authorities

Tax Law Monitoring Service covers advice in areas such as:

  • Income tax for legal and natural persons,
  • Value Added Tax (VAT),
  • Property tax,
  • Transfer Pricing Documentation,
  • Tax Scheme Reporting,
  • Tax Procedures including:
    • Tax Strategy,
    • Withholding Tax (WHT) Due Diligence Procedure,
    • MDR Procedure,
    • VAT Due Diligence Procedure,
    • Transfer Pricing Due Diligence.

More than tax law

As part of the services provided, STERRN Law firm offers comprehensive tax and business law services. Moreover, our offer is interdisciplinary, which translates into the possibility of providing you with services from virtually any legal branch while at the same time guaranteeing close cooperation between our legal and tax departments in the matters entrusted to us.

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