Contract Law

The Contract Law Team at STERRN Law Firm can support a wide range of contractual services in your business. With our ongoing service to companies in various industries, we have gained knowledge and experience that allows us to provide our clients with services tailored to their needs.

Our team can help with the preparation, negotiation and review of contracts and business documentation, including but not limited to confidentiality agreements, terms and conditions, supply agreements and privacy policies.

We can also provide support on legal matters and issues that arise during the ongoing management of contracts, and by combining our legal and business knowledge with a pragmatic approach, we can offer appropriate solutions, reduce risk and provide effective contract law advice.

Services in the field of contract law

  • B2B and B2C Contracts
  • Drafting General Terms and Conditions (GTC)
  • Framework Agreements
  • Supply Agreements
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Regulations, including Website Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policies
  • Membership Agreements
  • Management Contracts
  • Agreements with Representatives
  • Letters of Intent
  • Trust Agreements
  • Agreements and Settlements

Transactions legal security

As part of our contract law specialisation, we advise on the proper protection of commercial transactions.

Our transaction security services include:

  • Escrow accounts
  • Bank guarantees
  • Bills of exchange
  • Security assignments
  • Pledges
  • Mortgages
  • Guarantees

Our customers receive full support and advice on the registration and implementation of the above security measures, as well as a complete analysis of their effectiveness in a particular case.

The practice of contract law also offers legal services in the following areas:

  • Monitoring the proper performance of contracts
  • Advice on contract modifications, i.e.
    • transferring rights and obligations,
    • subject matter changes (assignment),
    • changes in the scope of contracts,
    • safe termination of contracts.

Representation of clients in disputes related to enforcing contractual claims, including before courts

The STERRN Law Firm team, as part of its specialisation in contract law, provides clients with support in all disputes and proceedings, including before general courts. Our services include, among others, the preparation of strategies for resolving disputes arising from the conclusion, performance and termination of a commercial contract.

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